Family & Singles Housing

RadiusRadius provides an extensive range of quality affordable rented accommodation for families, couples and single adults of all ages across Northern Ireland. This includes apartments, bungalows and houses.

Radius currently has Family and Singles Accommodation in all major towns and cities across Northern Ireland including Belfast, Derry/ Londonderry, Newry and Lisburn. New Family and Singles Accommodation are continuing to be developed by Radius on an ongoing basis. New developments can be viewed here

If you are interested in applying for Family or Singles Accommodation with Radius, please click here.

As a tenant of Radius in Family or Singles Accommodation, you will have a Housing Officer who will be able to advise you on any tenancy issues, and an Estates Officer who will advise on property maintenance issues.

We currently have a number of active Residents Associations in our estates. The Housing Officer will be able to advise tenants on availability and enquires relating to Residents Associations.

To view any immediate vacancies available within Family or Singles Accommodation please visit our section: Find a Property



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