McCooeys relived at Tearmann Fold

14 February 2011

Tearmann Fold welcomed Roma Tomelty, daughter of Joseph Tomelty, the famous actor and playwright, locally renowned for ‘The McCooeys’ radio sitcom.

‘The McCooeys’ was essential listening on a Saturday night for many homes province-wide and had a successful run for seven year from 1948-1955. This was the first event in the West Belfast Spring Festival, Tearmann Fold hosted the event, which the BBC recorded for their website.
Residents and locals were treated to a talk by Roma; who fondly reminisced about her father’s life, before enjoying one of only three remaining radio recordings, of ‘The McExcited residents waiting for 'The McCooeys'Cooeys’.
The recordings brought back affectionate memories, as they chatted a familiar story emerged from those listening of a family across the country stopping, for their weekly treat of, ‘The McCooeys’. During the discussion, several residents shared their memories of Mr Tomelty and his family, when they were growing up in West Belfast.

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