Fold Launches it's 2009/10 Annual Review

7 March 2011

Fold is pleased to announce the publication of our 2009/10 Annual Review. We have had a busy year, which has seen us operating in a tough environment.

Working in partnership with our fellow members of the Accord Procurement Group we have achieved a record number of new home builds across the province. We commenced 593 new homes, equivalent to 32% of the overall Social Development Housing Programme. In addition we achieved a 16% reduction in construction costs and almost £1m of savings in consultancy fees.
Elsewhere our staff preformed very well against housing managements target despite the challenging economic climate. We continue to develop support services in an effort to help our tenants and residents face up to the many challenges they face: including  anti-social behavior, financial exclusion and rising living costs.
We were proud to launch our latest service - the Brain Bus, for people living with dementia. The Brain Bus provides cognitive and physical stimulation through bespoke exercise and IT based support solutions. The Brain Bus will be available to people living across the province. We continue to pilot our TeleHealth service to people living at home with diabetes and COPD. For more information on the Brain Bus, click here.
We are grateful for the support of our partners, particularly the DSD and the Housing Executive for assisting us in our mission of seeking to provide the best possible housing, care and support to those in need of such services.
I commend this report to you and record my thanks to the Fold Board and all our staff for their hard work during 2009/10.
You can download your copy of our Annual review, by clicking here.
John McLean
Chief Executive

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