Tenant Security Reminder

24 October 2013

Dear Tenant

Fold Housing has been made aware that some of our tenants have had callers to their homes that appear to be falsely alleging to represent Fold and requesting access to the property to carry out inspections.

We would like to stress to tenants the importance of your home and personal security.  Please do not allow anyone access to your home without asking to see their formal identification and determining exactly what the nature of the visit to your home is.  Check ID cards they should have a phone number, Company Logo and in most cases a photograph. If they say they have a letter from Fold please take time to read it and note the name at the bottom of the letter. All Fold staff and their contractors should be able to produce formal identification and if they cannot you should refuse them access to your home.

Should a representative from Fold call with you and you are unsure if you should give them access then please do not hesitate to telephone Fold offices or telephone number on ID to check that they are genuine.

We would ask that you be vigilant and take responsible measures to ensure the security of your home, such as not leaving doors unlocked and windows opened and never let anyone into your home without first checking that they are who they say they are.

Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us or the local PSNI Station.

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