New figures reveal one in ten aged 70 or over

20 June 2014

 Annual population growth at lowest level in a decade

The Northern Ireland 2013 mid-year population is estimated to be 1.830 million people, the Statistics and Research Agency said today.

Between July 2012 and June 2013 the number of people living in Northern Ireland increased by 6,100 people (+0.3%), the lowest level of population growth since 2000-1. This increase in population was due to:

·  natural growth of 9,600 people (24,500 births less 15,000 deaths);

·  a net loss of 2,300 people due to migration. In total 23,100 people came to Northern Ireland to live and 25,400 people left here to live elsewhere; and

·a net loss of 1,100 people due to changes in Her Majesty's Forces.

This is the third consecutive year where there is an estimated net loss in population due to migration. The latest migration figures are in contrast to the period 2005-7, when migration accounted for half of population growth.

The statistics also point to the continuing ageing of the population. Today around one person in ten is aged 70 or over, with 33,000 people are aged 85 or more. In the early 1970s, less than 10,000 people were aged 85 or more.

Responding to the findings, Dr David Marshall from NISRA said: "The Northern Ireland population, stood at 1.830 million in June 2013. Last year saw the lowest population growth in a decade with emigration exceeded immigration. The population growth observed came solely from more births than deaths. The population estimates also point to continuing ageing. Today 33,000 people are aged 85 or more, well over three times that seen in the early 1970s. These important statistics inform the allocation of public funds in Northern Ireland."

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