Important Notice re Repairs & Maintenance

3 July 2014

Notice to tenants regarding Helm Housing repairs and maintenance service


As some of you may be aware the Association has just undergone an extensive procurement exercise for the provision of a new responsive maintenance contract to carry out repairs and upgrades to our existing housing stock. 


We are pleased to inform you that this selection process is complete and our newly appointed maintenance partner is H&J Martin Facilities Management.  This new partnership will commence from 1st August 2014.


Initially, H&J Martin staff will wear work clothing with the following logo.



During the month of August H&J Martin staff will change their work clothing to display both the Helm Housing logo and the H&J Martin logo.  All staff will carry identification cards that have both Helm Housing and the H&J Martin logos from 1 August 2014, clearly identifying that they are permitted to work on behalf of Helm Housing.


This exciting new partnership with H&J Martin will bring a new tenant focused repairs service using innovative technology and improved communications between you as a tenant, H&J Martin and Helm Housing.


We will write to tenants shortly to advise of some of the new tenant focussed initiatives to deployed. 


If you have any queries please contact us on 028 9032 0485 or

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