West Belfast care home gets a new name - Glenalina Lodge

31 March 2015

Glenalina Lodge has been revealed as the new name for a West Belfast Care Home situated on the Springfield Road [Monday 30 March 2015].


Offering 47 residential places for elderly people in the area and currently employing 35 staff, Glenalina Lodge is part of Care Circle Group �¢?? an award-winning care home group. It offers families a respite service as well as permanent residential care beds.


�¢??The projection is that the number of older people in Northern Ireland is predicted to grow dramatically in the next decade,�¢?� explains Age NI Chief Executive, Linda Robinson who officially renamed the home. �¢??Taking care of our elderly citizens is a very important role and I am delighted to have the honour of renaming this important facility in West Belfast. I have seen for myself today the quality of service provided by the staff here. The residents are well cared for and it�¢??s a happy place to be.


�¢??I am conscious that we all need to plan for the future and care for the elderly is a vital consideration for everyone �¢?? for government, for families and for individuals. Ultimately we all want the best care for our loved ones and for ourselves. Glenalina Lodge Care Home is an excellent facility and high standards exacted by Care Circle Group are clear to see. I wish the home continued success under its new name.�¢?�


Managing Director, Ciaran Sheehan, says: �¢??Previously named Owenvale Court Care Home, this home has faced a range of challenges over the years, including the threat of closure. We took on management of the home in 2012 and, with the great support of Helm Housing, have invested heavily in terms of physical improvements to the building, the outdoor environment and, as an award-winning employer of choice, we put emphasis on making sure we have the best and highly trained people working for us to care for residents.


�¢??We chose the name Glenalina Lodge as it has historical significance in this local area. Lord Glenalina or William Sinclair was a very influential person in the establishment of the Upper Springfield area in the mid-18th Century. He played an important role in the shaping of Belfast during the linen industry revolution. Glenalina Lodge is located in what was originally Glenalina Vale �¢?? an area which housed a number of Belfast�¢??s Bleach Greens owned by Lord Glenalina. The first social housing in Belfast was established around the linen mills and these mills provided important employment for people of the area, just as this home does today. Just as the linen mills were an essential part of the community, this home is an important community asset for the people of West and North Belfast. We are incredibly proud of it and of our people who work here.


�¢??At Care Circle Group, across the twelve homes we own and manage, we endeavour to provide homes that provide excellence in terms of care; homes that are caring, friendly and welcoming. I�¢??m looking forward to seeing Glenalina Lodge continue to flourish in West Belfast under its new name.�¢?�


If you would like to visit Glenalina Lodge Care Home or would like to discuss options for elderly care, please visit www.carecircle.co.uk or call (028) 9041 2030.

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