Radius Housing Sign Up for Big Lunch

30 March 2017

Radius Housing are getting set to host  Big Lunches across the country as part of the Great Get-Together Weekend, when millions of people across the country will join their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun from Friday 17  June.

Eileen Patterson, Director of Communities, Radius Housing said, “The Big Lunch presents a fantastic opportunity for our tenants, service users and staff to get together, make new friends and make a positive impact in their communities.

She added, “At Radius Housing, we manage some 12,000 properties in 80 towns across Northern Ireland.  Our tenants and service users are families, singles, older people and people with more complex needs – we are one big community connected to the wider community through our homes, family, schools, churches work and voluntary activity. The great thing about hosting a big lunch is that everyone can take part, and activities can be as big or as intimate as participants want – neighbours getting together in the park for a picnic with the kids, tenants in our sheltered schemes meeting up with tenants in another scheme, or our Community Empowerment Officers and staff organising   ‘cooking skill swap’ opportunities in the local community. The main thing is that everyone can take part – it is all about joining in and being neighbourly."

For more information on The Big Lunch and ideas on how you can host your own Big Lunch visit:

Caption: Bon Appetite: Radius Housing staff Eoin Armstrong, Emma Jane Woods and Patrick McKeown, one of the teams who will be helping organise a Big Lunches for residents, tenants and services users to get involved in the Big Lunch great get-together weekend this June.

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