The Sky's the Limit

November 20th, 2016

Fold’s long-standing track record in supporting independence for older people, sees the launch of a new service which means help is at hand inside and outside the home at the press of a button.

Fold has championed the need to utilise assistive technology to remodel services and thus improve the effectiveness of care and support to people in their own homes.

Over 23,000 people are already supported at home 24/7 through Fold’s TeleCare service – a service designed to be used in the home. The introduction of Fold’s CareClip service offers the same reassurance and support to clients and their families, not only at home, but also when the client is out and about. Their new CareClip service offers 24/7 support for users, by harnessing the latest GPS (Global Positioning System) technology whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Fold’s CareClip, designed and manufactured in Ireland, is a wearable mobile device which ensures the user can easily access help when away from home.  The CareClip is clipped discreetly onto an item of clothing or worn on a lanyard around the neck.  It works in a similar way to in-home TeleCare service; clients simply press a panic button on the device and are put through to Fold’s TeleCare Response centre where the call advisor is able to provide whatever reassurance and support is required; including calling nominated contacts to respond if needed. 

It uses real-time GPS location monitoring which updates every three minutes to enable the user to be easily found should they need assistance.  Fold’s CareClip is for anyone who would like reassurance that help is on its way should they need it when they are out and about, and peace of mind to carers, friends and family who are worried about someone’s safety.  It means that the person can be located immediately and is perfect for someone with dementia, learning disabilities or a mental health condition.  Geo-fence boundaries can also be set and used to create a safe area, generating an alert if the user goes outside this area and may therefore be at risk.  As well as alerting Fold’s Response Centre, family members or carers can also be alerted via a dedicated consumer app on their smartphone. 

Kevin McSorley, Executive Director Fold TeleCare said, “We wanted to extend the home safety net beyond the home - into the outdoors by supporting independent living but with a mobile slant on it. Some families like to put in place the ability to know if their loved ones have wandered outside their normal routine, especially if they have had a fall, have dementia or in post-operative care and may be slightly disorientated. We wanted to say to people ‘don’t be nervous, don’t compromise the things you like to do - we will be there’ and we very much are there  through Fold’s CareClip.

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