Dementia Friendly Communities

What is a Dementia Friendly Community?
As a community, everyone living and working within a community has a responsibility for ensuring that people living with dementia feel they are understood, valued and empowered to contribute to their local community.
As part of the community projects that Radius are supporting, we also hope to be supported by as many people affected by Dementia, businesses, organisations, schools, churches and health professionals as possible to contribute in some way to the ideas we have for each project.
Dementia Friendly Communities include various resources and services available to people diagnosed with dementia and their carers, such as:
  •  Memory Cafes
  •  Carer Support Cafes
  •  Volunteers for befriending services
  •  Information services
  •  Luncheon Clubs
  •  Dementia Friendly training to everyone living or working within the community.
What a Dementia Friendly Community looks like…