Social Care Providers

Fold TeleCare works closely with Health and Social Care teams to help provide the appropriate care package to manage risks and support individuals at home.

Who is it for?

Fold TeleCare

  • Vulnerable adults
  • Older persons
  • Persons at risk of Falling
  • Persons with Dementia

How does it work?

On receipt of a referral for the service from a health and social care professional, Fold Telecare's Support Officer will undertake a home visit to recommend the appropriate telecare sensor package which will manage the identified risks for the individual user.

At the installation visit Fold Telecare's Support Officer will ensure that the telecare package is configured and installed correctly and will spend time with the individual user and carer explaining how the service works when an alert is triggered.

Fold TeleCare's Support Officer will also agree with the health and social care professional how often the support and care package will need reviewed.

When anyone connected to the service calls us, activates an alarm, or if a sensor detects a problem we respond immediately. Our call advisor team understand the difficulties that clients may experience and are able to provide reassurance and support and arrange for further assistance if required.

How do I find out more?

Customer references are available on request. Current customers include: Northern Health & Social Care Trust; Southern Health & Social Care Trust; Western Health & Social Care Trust; South & East Health & Social Care Trust the TeleCare Service Desk 028 9039 7103