Who is it For?


  • People of all ages living alone - should an incident occur, or if an unwelcome noise is heard at night, help can be quickly on hand
  • Older people - the service provides reassurance and peace of mind, as well as a friendly voice when needed
  • People at risk of falling - summoning help following a fall is very easy by simply pressing the pendant
  • People living with dementia - helps to reassure users and their families that everything is ok
  • People with medical conditions (e.g. diabetes and epilepsy) - help can be quickly summoned if the user begins to feel unwell
  • People who have recently been discharged from hospital - should symptoms reoccur, help can be quickly available
  • Carers - the service helps to provide reassurance to carers, enabling them more free time to live their own lives
  • Single parents and families with young children - helps to provide assistance should an accident occur