• Where can I wear my pendant?

    The pendent is splash proof and has a typical range of 50 meters from the base unit. This means the pendant can be worn in the bathroom and in the garden. When your unit is being installed, we will test the pendants range during installation.
  • Where are you located?

    Fold TeleCare's Call Centre is located in Holywood, Co. Down. A regional office has been opended in Dublin. We are accredited by the Telecare Services Association. 
  • What happens if I press the button by accident?

    First of all don't worry, just tell the operator that you have accidently pressed the button. In fact we would encourage you to press your pendant once a month to keep yourself familiar with the Lifeline service.
  • What happens if there is a power failure?

    The lifeline is equipped with a battery, enabling the Lifeline to continue working during the power failure.
  • Will any of the other equipment in my house affect the button working properly?

    No, the Lifeline and pendant should not be affected by household equipment. If you have a concern, please speak to your installer.
  • What if I lose my pendant?

    You can still call for help by pressing the alarm button on your Lifeline unit. A replacement pendant can be supplied at a small additional cost.
  • Does Fold keep any of my medical information?

    Yes, we hold limited information on file, including your doctor’s details.
  • Can the Lifeline be used if there is an extension telephone/Internet connection being used on the same telephone line?

    All extensions telephones should be plugged into the Lifeline, this is to ensure the disconnection of normal telephone calls when an alarm call is made. A good quality filter must be installed on the line for use with internet connections including broadband.
  • I want to change the details of my key holders?

    Yes you can change these at any time, please phone our call centre on 028 9042 1010 and inform them of these changes.
  • How do I cancel the Response Service?

    The service has a minimum contract period of three months. After this period the service can be cancelled with 30 days notice by pressing your personal trigger or red button on your Lifeline unit and our Response Centre staff will assist you.