Fold Housing Northern Ireland: ActivitiesAn active lifestyle can make a huge difference to the tenants. Our staff arrange a daily programme of activities that are based on an individual assessment of need and preferences aimed at enhancing quality of life.

Within our two schemes tenants are encouraged and supported to take part in the activities of daily living such as help with making a cup of tea, and help with folding laundry. In addition Therapeutic workshops include arts and crafts are available and specialist interventions provided by Health & Social Care Trust specialists, such as speech and language therapy are also provided. We also organise parties, barbecues, and cinema nights and family members are always welcome to visit and participate in these activities.

Opportunities for social interaction outside the scheme are considerable and tenants have the opportunity to go on holiday, out for lunch, shopping, to shows, horse riding and other outside activities. Knock Eden has two cars that are available to transport tenants to and from these outings. Nightingale have the use of a mini-bus.