How to apply for a NIHE Disabled Facilities Grant

Where do I get started?

  • Are you eligible for a NIHE Disabled Facilities Grant?

    Any owner occupier, landlord or private tenant can apply for assistance to carry out home adaptations, providing there is a person with a disability living or intending to live in the property.
  • Will I have to pay?

    Most NIHE Disabled Facilities Grants are means-tested* and unfortunately not all applicants are entitled to receive the full grant amount. However for quick and confidential guidance please contact us on 033 0123 0888 to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

    *Disabled Facility Grants for dependent children are not usually means- tested
  • What you can do...

    You can start the process of applying for a Disabled Facilities Grant by contacting your local Health & Social Services Trust, your GP or Social Worker or contact us by email, click here, or by phoning 033 0123 0888 and we can discuss your options with you.
  • What your Occupational Therapist will do...

    An Occupational Therapist will visit you to assess your needs and decide if you require home adaptations. They will then submit their recommendations to the NI Housing Executive. They may also recommend or provide you with minor aids to assist you with other daily living tasks.
  • What the NIHE will do...

    The NIHE will visit you to inspect your home to determine what work is required to meet your OT’s recommendation. Once this is completed they will send you the Formal Grant Application documents package for you to complete........this is where Radius steps in.

For information on the whole grants process you can view our step by step guide to the disabled facilities grants process here.