Fold Group TelehealthFold's TeleHealth service is designed to support the management of long-term conditions through the remote monitoring of vital signs in the patients own home.

Who is it for?

Persons living at home suffering from a chronic disease - e.g. diabetes; COPD; CHF; Stroke.

How does it work?

On receipt of a referral from a health professional Fold TeleCare arranges for the installation of a home health monitor and the appropriate self-measurement sensors particular to the chronic condition. (EG: blood pressure monitor, weighing scales, glucometer etc.)

At the installation visit Fold's TeleCare Support Officer will ensure that the telehealth package is configured and installed correctly and will spend time with the individual user and carer demonstrating how to take daily readings and explaining how the service works.

Fold TeleCare's Support Officer will also agree with the health professional how often the support and care package will need reviewed.

How do I find out more?

Customer references are available on request. Current customers include: All five Health & Social Care Trust's.

Teleheath Fold Group

To find out more about Fold's TeleHealth services for health care providers please contact
the Service Desk 028 90397103


Download Fold TeleHealthCare Case Study