How to Apply

The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) is responsible for carrying out the housing assessments. To apply, you will need to fill in a short application form and return it to the Housing Executive office closest to your current address.

You can request an application form from us by ringing 0330 123 0888, or, if you prefer, you can download and print the form by clicking here.  You can also visit the NIHE website for further information.

You will only need one application form to apply to any of the social housing providers in your area. Please take time to read the notes on the application form. If you need assistance to fill in the form, one of Radius Housing Officers will be pleased to help you.

Alternatively, you can ring the NIHE directly on 0344 892 0900 and they will take all your details on the phone so that you don’t need to complete an application form.

When your application form is received, or you contact the NIHE directly, they will assess your housing needs and you will get points awarded to reflect your accommodation needs.

Your name will then be placed on the common waiting list for the schemes or area of your choice. When a vacancy becomes available, it is allocated to the person on the waiting list with the greatest need at the time.

Get in touch with us today for further help and support. 

Already a Radius tenant?

If you are currently a Radius tenant you can apply to us if you wish to transfer from your current accommodation. 

Tenants of other social landlords, the NIHE or other Housing Associations can also apply for a transfer via their existing landlord.

All providers follow the same rules on allocations and transfers as the NIHE.

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