ESG Report

We launched our first ESG Strategy Report in December 2022 at the Kingspan Stadium, welcoming a cross-section of stakeholders to hear our panel provide various insights with respect to our ‘Building our Green Future’ strategy.

At the event, John McLean, Radius CEO, explained “Since our Association came into being, our staff, tenants and business partners have been developing numerous strategies, initiatives, and events, helping to develop our uniquely diverse communities, respecting our environment and working to the best possible governance standards and outcomes.”

Environmental and Social Governance

​ESG Report 2022-23

We are delighted to present our second report for 2022/23 which further develops our commitments, following the ESG Sustainability Reporting Standard developed by housing associations and funders from across the UK. With the range of challenges presenting to all organisations, the need for resilient partnerships has never been greater as we support the current and future needs of our communities.

Please read our new report to see for yourself both the growth and future ambition that Radius has in this space.

Environmental and Social Governance