What is the Rate Rebate Scheme?

The Rate Rebate Scheme replaces the rates element of Housing Benefit. The scheme is administered by the Department of Finance, and is available for tenants of working age who are entitled to Universal Credit.

Who is eligible?

The Rate Rebate Scheme applies only to working-age tenants.

Eligibility to claim:

  • You must be entitled to Universal Credit.
  • You or your landlord must be liable for payment of rates to Land & Property Services (LPS). 
  • You must occupy the property as your home.

Those eligible to claim will not be entitled to Housing Benefit for rates or Low Income Rate Relief.* 

Who is not eligible?

  • People who are not entitled to Universal Credit.
  • Pensioners remain on Housing Benefit and/or Low Income Rate Relief. 
  • People living in supported accommodation or temporary accommodation provided in relation to homelessness will remain on Housing Benefit and/or Low Income Rate Relief.* 

Preparation for Applying for a Rate Rebate

Once you receive notification on your Universal Credit journal that you are entitled to UC you should immediately make a claim for a Rate Rebate. If you don't do this within three months you may lose some of your Rate Rebate award. The Rate Rebate application process is a digital-only application. If you do not have access to the internet, you could consider accessing the internet via a local library.

Libraries NI Tel 0345 450 4580.

You will also need:

  • your full address and postcode; 
  • your National Insurance number; 
  • your date of birth;
  • an email address;
  • Tenancy Reference. If you are not sure what this is, contact your Housing Officer at Radius.
  • details of your current weekly rates charge; if you are not sure what this is, contact your Housing Officer. 
  • details of the income you are receiving. 

Completing the Online Application

You will need to use your email address to register for a Rate Rebate account online at: 

You will be prompted to create a password. Please make a note of this password, as you will need it each time you want to access the online account to view your claim.

A verification email will be sent to you, and once you are registered you will be invited to complete the online application.

During the application process, you will be prompted to select Radius Housing Association from a drop down menu. 

What should I do after my claim has been assessed?

*Because different criteria are used to assess Universal Credit/Rate Rebate claims, there is not an automatic entitlement to Rate Rebate if you receive Universal Credit.

  • Contact your Housing Officer immediately to confirm that your claim has been processed and it has been successful.
  • Check the amount of Rate Rebate you receive towards your rates.
  • Confirm with your Housing Officer if the full rates charge is being covered. If the Rate Rebate payment is less than the full rates charge, or there are arrears on your account, you will need to make an agreement to pay any remaining amount due.

Notifying Changes

You must notify LPS of any changes relevant to your claim immediately, by logging onto your online account. Failure to notify a change of circumstance may result in an overpayment which will need to be repaid. Information on changes that need to be reported can be found at: 

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