Gas Safety and Boiler Maintenance

Gas Safety and Boiler Maintenance

We are committed to ensuring your safety within your home.

We are required, by law, to carry out safety checks on all gas appliances, including gas boilers, at least once a year to ensure they comply with current gas safety regulations.

The annual gas safety check is a free service.

We are committed to ensuring your safety within your home.

Gas Boiler Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing issues with your gas boiler, please watch the trouble shooting guide below. Sometimes the issue can be a simple fix.

Your Annual Gas Safety Check

Gas safety is very important, and we are working hard to ensure that your home is gas safe. We carry out annual gas safety checks in every Radius home.

We will notify you when you are due a gas safety check and the assigned contractor for your area will be in contact to arrange an appointment date and time. Your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors will also be checked.

We have three approved gas contractors:-

  • ATS Gas Services
  • Combined Facilities Management (CFM)
  • CTS Projects
Your Annual Gas Safety Check

On the Day of Your Gas Safety Check

Allowing Access To Your Home

It’s a condition of your tenancy agreement to allow us into your home once a year to inspect and service gas equipment. It is essential that you allow our contractors access to your home to carry out the gas safety check to ensure the safety of your household and those around you.

Identifying Your Contractor

All of our approved gas contractors are Gas Safe certified. The engineer will carry ID and show this to you before entering your home.

On the Day of Your Gas Safety Check

Our engineer will:

  • Test the pipes between the gas meter and the boiler or heater for leaks;
  • Service all the gas appliances in the property that are provided by Radius;
  • Check any gas flues in the property;
  • Check all gas ventilation;
  • Check smoke alarms/CO2 Alarms.

We will provide you with a gas safety certificate within 28 days of the inspection. The gas safety check and service will usually take less than an hour, although this will depend on the gas appliances in your home.

Please note: If, after two attempts, our contractor is unable to gain access to your home, we will cap the gas supply to your boiler.

Our engineer will:

Be Gas Safe

  • Only use Radius Gas Safe Registered contractors (ATS Gas Services; CFM; CTS Projects)
  • Never try a do-it-yourself repair on any gas pipe or appliance – you could put yourself and others at risk
  • Never block sources of ventilation, such as airbricks or obstruct flues
  • Always keep your yearly Gas Safety Check appointment.

If you smell gas or suspect a leak

If you smell gas or suspect there may be a gas leak, phone the 24-hour Northern Ireland Gas Emergency Service on 0800 002 001 immediately.

If you require an Out of Hours emergency repair, call our 24/7 service on 0330 123 0888.

When To Contact Us

If you haven’t had a gas safety check in the last 12 months or haven’t been contacted by the Radius Team about a safety check that is due, please contact our Repairs team by calling 0330 123 0888.