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16 Oct 2019

We are delighted to announce our 2019 Tenant Conference will take place this November.

This year, the theme of the conferences is “Empowering Your Community” and will include three interactive workshops:

  • Creative Workshops

Do you have a skill that could help your community? Are you a great gardener, woodworker, events planner, dancer or chef? Get your creative thinking cap on in this interactive workshop to see where you can put your skills to use within your community.

  • Money Advice

Let’s look at budgeting and money management to ensure you are getting the maximum out of your income and reduce spending!

This workshop will quiz your knowledge on priority and non-priority payments and offer advice on how you can maximise the income available to you through household budgeting and better spending habits.

You will also receive an overview on how to prepare for Welfare Reform to ensure you are receiving the maximum income available to you.

  • Reading Rooms

Reading Rooms is a verbal project which uses our shared reading model to start a conversation.

Through the power of conversation and storytelling, people will come together to discuss a variety of themes including sharing our past, sharing our cultures and celebrating diversity.

By listening, laughing and talking together people will feel a closer part of their community and able to influence change.

The Tenant Conference will take place on Thursday, 14 November 2019 at the Clayton Hotel, Belfast.

Registration starts at 9.30 am with lunch served at 1 pm.

Book your place

Interested in attending one of our conferences? We can’t wait to welcome you. As spaces are limited, please contact us to book your place in your preferred location by:


Telephone: 0330 123 0888 (Option 2 – Communities)

Online: Click here to book your space.

We look forward to announcing the winners of the Radius Housing Heroes Awards at the Tenant Conference. For more information on the Heroes Awards, please visit

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