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Depaul celebrates 10 years of Cloverhill Family Project

07 Nov 2018

Depaul celebrates 10 years of Cloverhill Family Project

A West Belfast housing project has been successful in supporting 260 vulnerable families in the 10 years since its inception.  The Cloverhill Family Project, situated in West Belfast, was launched by Depaul in 2008.  The Project works with families experiencing homelessness, providing practical support to help them through very difficult circumstances.

Providing safe accommodation for families, the Cloverhill Project consists of 18 two-bed flats each equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and dining facilities. The Project also boasts communal spaces, large indoor and outdoor play areas and an arts and crafts room for children.

In a special anniversary ceremony, the people behind the Cloverhill Family Project, along with the many families involved in its work, were joined by partner organisation, Radius Housing, to celebrate the milestone and reflect on the significant achievements the Project has made in the last decade.

Speaking at the celebration Depaul CEO, Kerry Anthony, said:

“We are delighted to see our Cloverhill Family Project reach 10 years of vital service. We are very proud of the service and all it has achieved in helping young, vulnerable families through a very tough time in their lives.

“We would like to thank our partners, Radius Housing, who help to provide these vulnerable families with accommodation when they require it the most. Together we have been able to support 260 families in the ten years Cloverhill has existed. That number highlights the on-going need for this service and we remain committed as ever to helping any family who requires our support.”

Diana Fitzsimons, Radius Housing Chairperson, added:

“It is evident here today, at the celebration of ten years at Cloverhill, that there is a very strong relationship with the local community. We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Depaul in providing essential support to help families who face homelessness, and we are committed to working together to add to the excellent facilities at Cloverhill.” 

About the Cloverhill Family Project:

  • Since 2008, it has helped over 260 families;
  • In 2017, the Project supported a total of 45 adults and 61 children
  • Features 18 self-contained apartments each equipped with kitchen, bathroom and dining fa
  • Provides laundry f
  • Enlists the expertise of child-suppo
  • This service is run in partnership by Depaul and Radius Housing.

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    Notes to Editor:

    Depaul is a cross-border charity working to help those who are home


  • In 2017 Depaul helped almost 4,000 people through its
  • Provided support for 779 children in 2017

  • 19 babies were born in to Depaul services in 2017

For further reference contact:

t: 086 383 2198

Photo attached from left to right:

John McLean (Radius Housing CEO), Diana Fitzsimons (Radius Housing Chairperson), Kerry Anthony (CEO Depaul), David Carroll (Director of Services Depaul).

Photo caption: Representatives from Depaul and Radius Housing mark 10 years of Cloverhill Family Project.

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