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Donard Fold says Thank you for caring!

02 Sep 2022

Press release - 24th August 2022


Staff and tenants of Donard Fold have offered a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all the nurses, health & care staff and the local community who regularly provide support to them. Many nurses and carers visit the Radius Housing scheme in Newcastle on a daily basis, to provide support and medical care for individual tenants, while local shops and organisations also go out of their way to help the tenants, and to show them that their work is valued, Donard Fold wanted to do something special.


On Wednesday (24th August) they held a ‘Thank You Day’, where the nurses, carers, social workers, pharmacists, physios and a range of other support workers were presented with gift bags with treats and thank you cards from the tenants. The cards tell the workers ‘You are seen, You make a difference and You are appreciated by everyone in Donard Fold!’ They also had the chance to take a short break  from their busy schedules to enjoy a cup of coffee and a muffin with the tenants and staff.


Donard Fold, which is owned and managed by Radius Housing, is a sheltered housing scheme for people over 55, consisting of 25 self contained apartments. While they live independently, many tenants receive daily or weekly visits from nurses, OTs, physiotherapists, pharmacists, social works or carers, who help them with they physical or medical needs. Tenants saw how these people worked so hard under difficult circumstances over the pandemic, and how they continue to go above and beyond to help them.


The support tenants receive goes far beyond health care, with staff from local shops making special deliveries to Donard Fold. The Thank You Day was a chance for tenants and staff to tell these workers directly how much their work is valued, and show appreciation in a small way for their efforts.


The Thank You Day was organised by the tenants and staff of Donard Fold, with the support of St John’s Parish Church, the local Community Champion from Tesco, and Pound Land Newcastle, and The Milestone Rathfriland.


Speaking at the Thank You Day, Andrea Harrison, Scheme Co-Ordinator at Donard Fold, said “The role of nurses, carers and other health care workers play in making the lives of our tenants better is huge. These visits are vital for our tenants health and well-being, and they help them to live independently. Our tenants are very active, and there is a strong sense of community, which is why it is not surprising that they wanted to do something to show the carers that they work they do is valuable.


“The most important part of today is the chance for the carers and nurses to get to stop and have a friendly chat with our tenants. Too often they are on a tight schedule to get to their next patient, but today is a bit more relaxed. We hope they enjoy their treats, and that they know that our tenants really appreciate the work they do. We are grateful to all those who helped support this event, including Siobhan, Karen & Marion from Tesco in Newcastle, the Milestone in Rathfriland and Rev Myrtle Morrison and her congregation.”