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Education Works Better When You Get Invoved

21 Sep 2015

Education Minister John O''Dowd is urging parents to get involved with their child''s education, as he launches the next phase of the Education Works advertising campaign.
The campaign highlights the vital role parents and carers can play in helping their child do well at school and improve their life chances. It signposts parents to the nidirect website for ideas for games and activities to do with their child.
Speaking about the fourth year of the campaign, Mr O''Dowd said: ''When a young person gets a good education it opens up opportunities that their parents may never have had. The advertising campaign is aimed at parents, guardians and those who influence parents and will show parents that doing some simple things can help their child do better at school, and open up these opportunities to them.


Parents are the first people a child will learn from. One of the key messages of this campaign is that parents don''t need to go to great lengths to make a difference for their child. Some very simple activities can make a huge difference. Reading a bedtime story is an obvious example, but asking what your child did at school, taking an interest in their homework, counting everyday objects, teaching nursery rhymes, or telling them stories all help.

Education is of vital importance. Good attainment at school can open up a world of opportunities for a child later in life, can improve feelings of self-worth and makes it easier for the child to continue with their studies or to find work. The simple act of reading a bedtime story at age five can lead to improved outcomes a decade later. Good educational outcomes are even linked with increased life expectancy.The new advert will be on television, radio and in local press from today.
The Minister continued: ''I would also like to remind parents and guardians that your own background need not get in the way of your child doing well at school and in life. Some people may have had negative experiences of their own time at school; however by taking some simple steps from an early age, you can ensure your child has a head start.

''I hope that this campaign will show parents, who undoubtedly want the best for their child, the simple steps they can take to help aid their child''s development. I would encourage all parents to check the nidirect website or speak to their child''s teacher for guidance on how they can play their part.'''