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Flood Warning Friday 1 June

01 Jun 2018

A flood warning has been issued for today Friday 1 June.

Please contact us on 0330 123 0888 during office hours if you need any assistance.   If you have any problems or require assistance outside office hours, please contact us by telephone on 028 9042 1010 or by pressing your pendant.

Below are some useful telephone numbers:

If you need to report a flood, ring the Flooding Incident Line on 0300 2000 100.

In the event of an emergency affecting your supp


Flooding can have a harmful effect on your health, home or business. By putting some safeguards and planning in place, you can help reduce the risk of flooding and its impact on you.

You can get flood updates in local news, weather and traffic bulletins.

You can also use the Rivers Agency's flood maps to see if your property is at risk from flooding:

Reduce the impact of flooding

To reduce the impact of flooding on your home or business:

  • keep a list of useful contact numbers such as your local council, emergency services and your insurance company
  • agree how you and the people you live with will contact each other and where you will go if you become separated during a flood
  • move your valuable belongings to safety
  • know where to turn off your electricity or gas supply
  • make sure your insurance provides cover against flood damage to property
  • if your property is at risk of flooding, have some sandbags or floodboards or plastic covers prepared to block doorways and airbricks
  • consider where to relocate your car during a flooding incident

Prepare a kit of essential items that will help you cope in a flood, including:

  • copies of your home insurance documents
  • a torch with spare batteries
  • a battery powered or wind-up radio
  • warm, waterproof clothing, rubber boots and blankets
  • a first aid kit and supplies of medication needed by anyone in the house
  • bottled water and tinned or dried food
  • things for looking after your baby

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