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Glen Fold Recognition for Young People Involved in Gardening Project

10 May 2017

A team of young volunteers from Shimna Integrated College in Newcastle has been recognised with a special lunch in their honour for the work the  undertook in the Radius Housings'' Glen Fold garden area.

Ten pupils from Shimna Integrated College took part in a project through The Princes’ Trust whereby they had to work as a team to achieve a positive outcome.   Each pupil had to contribute to a portfolio for the project and each pupil had to pass for the team to pass.
Scheme Coordinator Andrea Harrison said, “We have been trying to make our gardens a wee bit more maintenance friendly.   We have a few gifted gardeners amongst our tenants who actively undertake gardening as a hobby. Together we had identified a couple of areas that were set to lawn that did not see much sun and as a result were very boggy and difficult to maintain. Another area close by had become overgrown.
“Glen Fold had established a relationship with Shimna College through a successful digital age project so when the school approached us to see if there were any projects that they could help with that could link in with their qualification,  the gardening project seemed like a win-win for everyone. 
“The Year 12 pupils undertook the project late autumn, visiting Glen Fold for  three hours a week over three weeks.  Glen Fold’s gardener, Trevor McCracken, spent time with the young people, their Coordinator and Teaching Assistant, explaining what the team would be doing and demonstrating everything before everyone got their hands dirty. 
She added, “They worked so hard and we always ended the session with some hot tea and treats. It was an absolute joy having the young people around and we really appreciate all their hard work.   The lunch was our way of saying ‘thank you’ for making a difference and giving their time for the benefit of others.”
Radius Housings'' Glen Fold wish to thank all the pupils and tenants involved in the project; Joan McAllister, Coordinator and Aidan McIlmurray, Teaching Assistant from Shimna Integrated College;  Rodgers Builders Merchants, Newcastle for their support and Trevor McCracken for sharing his gardening expertise with the young people.
Pictured above: Chloe Meakin, student;  Mary Quinn, tenant; Andrea Harrison, Glen Fold Coordinator;  Caitlin Grant, student;  Joan McAllister; Shimna Coordinator, and Aidan McIlmurray, Teaching Assistant, Shimna.
Pictured below: Shimna Integrated College students  and teaching assistants, joined with Radius housing staff and tenants to celebrate the pupils achievements thorugh the gardening project undertaken at Glen Fold in Newcastle.

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