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Helm mobilise support for Womens Aid

27 Jul 2015

In a unique scheme, Helm Housing today donated used mobile phones to Fermanagh Womens Aid. The phones, which were collected from staff, were today handed over to Mary McCann from Womens Aid in Fermanagh, where they will be used to help vulnerable women communicate with friends and loved ones. 

Fermanagh Women''s Aid works with female victims of domestic and sexual violence and their children. To ensure their safety women are asked to hand over mobile phones when they stay in the Womens Aid refuge, as trackers can be activated on mobiles to control, stalk and coerce victims. The donation of these phones from Helm Housing will mean that the women staying in the refuge can use them to keep in touched with loved ones while remaining safe and secure. Michael McDonnell, Chief Executive, Helm Housing, said: The service Womens Aid provide to keep victims of sexual and domestic violence safe is an essential one and Helm Housing is happy to be able to provide support for this vital work. By donating phones to Womens Aid we can ensure that these phones continue to benefit others.Helm Housing is committed to playing  an active part in the safety of the whole community. Donating these mobile phones will assist Womens Aid in their work to make vulnerable families safe. I would encourage more organisation to support the great work done by Womens Aid.Mary Mc Cann, Senior Manager, Fermanagh Women''s Aid, said: Last year we worked with 307 women and 309 children in the community. 25 women and 23 children stayed in our Refuge. We had to turn away 22 women and 4 children because our Refuge was full so it is clear that there is huge demand for our servicesWhen women stay in our Refuge, we invite them to hand over their mobiles as part of their safety plan. The donations of these mobiles will help women whose lives depend on their ability to keep themselves safe. The donation of these mobiles will have untold benefits for the women and young people who use our service and need this particular aspect of their safety addressed.'

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