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Radius reach 96% vaccine rate for care home residents

04 Mar 2021

Radius reach 96% vaccine rate for care home residents 

Press Release - 3rd March 2021  

Almost 100% of residents in Radius Housing Care Homes have now been fully vaccinated against covid-19, with the outstanding number expected to receive their vaccinations in the coming weeks.  

More than three-quarters of staff in the Housing with Care schemes have also been fully vaccinated, as Radius seek to ensure that the some of the most vulnerable in the community and those working with them are protected. 

Radius manages ten Housing with Care Schemes across Northern Ireland, where they provide 24 care and support for 300 frail and elderly people, people with dementia and those with learning difficulties. Radius also manages more than 13,000 homes in 80 towns, as well as constructing 400 new social and affordable homes each year. 

Millbrook Court in Bangor was the first Radius Care Home to receive the vaccine in December, and now almost every resident has had both doses of the Pfizer BioNTech,Covid-19 vaccine. Since the initial lockdown last March, Radius introduced a range of additional measures to reduce unnecessary footfall, stop staff working across different homes and limit many external contacts with the residents, to help protect them from Covid-19. They also introduced PPE and national testing initiatives for residents, staff, care partners  and visitors. 

Fiona McAnespie, Director of Care & Support at Radius Housing, said “Our Housing with Care schemes across Northern Ireland are home to many older and vulnerable people, and for almost a year our staff have had to be extra vigilant to try to protect them from Covid-19. We are very conscious that we are looking after much loved family members, mums and dads, grannies and grandads, aunts and uncles, and we are delighted now that most  have had the vaccine and the extra protection against the virus. This has been a relief for our residents and their families, but we must remain vigilant and continue to adhere to the Department of Health Covid-19 Guidance  in order to protect those in our care.

“Over the coming weeks the final vaccines will be made, to those residents who were unable  to receive it initially. We are grateful to the vaccination teams from each of the local Health Trusts who have worked so well with our residents and staff to make this a success. As the wider vaccine programme is rolled out we hope to be able to return to some of the wonderful events and activities that make our care homes happy and rewarding places for residents and staff.

“The last 12 months has been the most  challenging we have ever experienced in our homes. Now, the scale of the vaccine  roll out offers hopes of a brighter future for our homes, our residents their families, and our dedicated staff teams who have worked so hard.”

Residents who have received the vaccine include Molly Graham from Manor Court Care Home in Lurgan who said “Getting the vaccination was the best Christmas present, I was so pleased to get, it gives you a sense of relief.” While Bridie McNeill also of Manor Court said “I felt brilliant after it, in fact I feel as light as a feather now.”


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