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Staff Step Up for Walk to Work Day

30 Mar 2017

Friday 7th April is National Walk To Work Day and Radius Housing is encouraging their 1000 strong staff to ditch the heels and the work shoes for trainers and walking boots, put their best foot forward to take part.

Andrew Han, Corporate Services Manager, Radius Housing, said, “We have close to 1000 staff across Northern Ireland working in 80 locations whom we are encouraging to take part in this simple,  but effective way to add exercise into the work day. 

He added, “At Radius we have a comprehensive Health and Well Being programme – something to suit everyone, from healthy eating to cessation of smoking.    Walking to work may not be possible for everyone, depending on distance and safe walking routes, but even parking the car further from your regular place of work or getting off the bus or train a stop or two earlier can make a real difference to getting exercise and feeling healthy.”

Walk to Work Day was introduced to encourage people to be mindful of their health and their carbon footprint.

Pictured above:  Radius staff, Jim Porter, Finance Officer and Annette McCormick, Marketing Assistant are taking part in Walk to Work Day on 7 April as part of Radius'' Health and Well Being Programme.


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