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Support for New Learner Drivers

21 Aug 2015

Almost 1 in 5 of all new drivers crashes within the first 6 months of driving.

Thats why DOE have recently launched a new monthly Road Safety ˜Feel the Risk'' email series specifically for new drivers. The series includes:

Advice to help new drivers feel the risks of speeding, drink-driving, careless driving, not wearing a seatbelt, drug-driving, driving while using a mobile phone and vulnerable road users.12 powerful videos, including true-life stories from victims and families who have lost loved ones on the road.Emails received on Monday, every 4 weeks.Weekly reminders just.A link to download The Highway Code for FREE.5 simple ways to stay safe on the road.
So if you are a new driver or you know someone who is  perhaps your son, daughter, or a friend  SIGN UP here for ˜Feel the Risk"  today.


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