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09 Nov 2022

If you get a call from a company called IFF Research don’t worry, it’s not a scam. It’s on behalf of Radius Housing.

Why will I get a call?

We want to hear more from our customers about how we are doing and have asked a company called IFF Research to contact 135 customers every month on a random basis, to gain your views on the service provided when you contact us. What you tell us will help us to better understand what we are doing well and what we could do better.

When will IFF Research call?

To offer flexibility on when you can take part IFF Research may call between 9am-8pm Monday – Friday and between 11am-4pm on Saturday. Calls will come from the telephone number 0203 148 7717.

What questions will I be asked?

IFF Research will ask questions about a number of services we deliver to our customers. This might include repairs, antisocial behaviour and communal cleaning. We recognise that some of these topics may be quite sensitive and should you wish - IFF Research can keep your responses completely confidential. If there are any questions which you would prefer not to answer please let the interviewer know. IFF will never include anything in reports that could personally identify an individual unless the customer specifically asks them to.

How long will the call take?

The call is usually very short to reduce disruption to your day. However, it is your opportunity to share your opinions so the length of the call can be dictated by you.

Information security

Your privacy is very important to us. IFF Research will never ask you for personal information and go to great lengths to preserve your privacy and to protect your personal data.

If someone calls and asks you for personal information please be vigilant! You can find out more about how to keep yourself safe here

Ready to take part?

If you would like to take part all you need to do is wait for IFF Research to call. Please note taking part in our customer satisfaction calls is completely voluntary. If you do not want to take part just let IFF Research know when they call and you will be opted out of future contact.

Let us know what you think – we’re listening!