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Meet the Team

Radius Housing

Mary Smith

Mary was welcomed onto the Radius Board in 2018 to bring a tenant's perspective and experience to discussions and decisions of the Radius Board. In addition Mary is also a member of the Radius Tenant Executive Committee and the Radius Communities and Assets Committee.

Mary has worked full-time for the past 10 years at Work West, a local Enterprise Agency in West Belfast.

Mary has been proactively involved in her local community for many years. Mary's interest began almost 30 years ago when she first became a housing association tenant. Since then, Mary has been actively involved in various resident committees and forums and is passionate about seeking ways to improve her local community.

Mary is Secretary of the Lagmore Community Forum and together with her colleagues and neighbours has been involved in securing funding to build and maintain the Lagmore Community Hub. This Hub provides much needed vital space for local community groups and provides haven for the young people of the community through youth clubs and other fully subscribed activities.

Mary also represents the greater Lagmore Community on the Colin Neighbourhood Partnership Board.

Mary Smith