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Adapt or Improve Your Home through a NIHE Grant

NIHE offers a range of grants to private home owners and private tenants

Disabled adaptations

A disability of any type can impact an occupants use and enjoyment of their home, from not managing the stairs, or being unable to independently go outside or use the bath. If your disability or mobility affects how you live in your house, there may be a way of completing an adaptation so that your house once again becomes your home. 

Disabled Facility Grants are for those with a disability or mobility issue and offer a bespoke solution to enable them to meet their needs and remain in their home.

There are a range of adaptations that can be made to a property, even a minor adaptation can make a major difference to someone’s home life. Click here to find out more. Or speak to Radius Staying Put to find out more.

Improvement grants

If your property is unfit to live in or in disrepair, you may be entitled to assistance with a grant from NIHE. Find out more about the range of NIHE improvement grants available.

Each year Staying Put:

•    Completes over 800 visits to new clients
•    Submits over 400 grant applications ready for NIHE approval
•    Assists in the satisfactory completion of over 350 disabled grant adaptations
•    Engages in Customer Satisfaction Services inviting feedback to help us improve the the service


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