To access a Disabled Facility Grant, a Community Occupational Therapist will first need to speak with you to assess what adaptations are needed to your home.

These are some examples of the range of disabled adaptations which can be considered for grant assistance.

Shower Facilities

The installation of a shower enabling you to enjoy a shower, whenever you want with a greater level of independence and dignity

Types of Disabled Home Adaptations

Kitchen Facilities

The re-arrangement of your kitchen to enable you to move around easily and access drawers, cupboards and work-surface

Types of Disabled Home Adaptations

Managing the Stairs

If you are finding your stairs difficult to manage Disabled Facilities Grant can be provided to give you facilities such as a bedroom or shower-room or toilet on the ground floor.

Accessing your Home

The provision of a ramp or specially designed steps will help you to enter or leave your home when you want and often be situated where you would like to have them.

Types of Disabled Home Adaptations

Moving around your Home

Doorways can be widened and internal spaces created to make moving around the home much easier and safer.

Types of Disabled Home Adaptations

NIHE Disabled Facility grant

Please note that the Northern Ireland Housing Executive will not accept an application for a Disabled Facilities Grant without first receiving an Occupational Therapist recommendation. Click below for more information about the NIHE Disabled Facility grant