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Mighty Minis Emotional Education Course

Community Engagement

Radius Housing in conjunction with Playhouse Activity Centre in Coleraine were delighted to fund a 7 week course in emotional education for pre-school children (3-4 years) which concluded this week.

The programme offered 7 tailored one hour workshops to explore understanding of emotions, and addressed issues in relation to stress and depression being displayed by pre-school children.  This included one session with parents and carers.  The aim was to manage and understand feelings in a fun environment.


The workshops gave children the platform to express themselves through play, arts and craft, games, mindful movement and music.  The workshops were delivered by 2 experienced therapists one a qualified counsellor with experience in medical practice and the other who specialises in treating those with trauma.


Melanie Rintoul, Communities Officer

“Projects such as this, offer children an opportunity to express how they feel about the world around them, and provide coping skills for dealing with emotions.”

Melanie Rintoul, Communities Officer


Children from Playhouse Pre-School playgroup

'We did faces - scared, happy, sad and angry ones'.

 'I know how to make an angry hand into a happy hand. You have to hold each finger up and breathe out. Then you don't feel angry any more'.

 'I liked the worry monster. He ate our pictures of our worries'.


Anthea Ridley, Playhouse Pre-school Playgroup

‘This has been a fabulous programme. Our children had so much fun learning about feelings and coping strategies through a range of multi-sensory activities. Important skills for life.’


This work is funded through the Executive Office’s T:BUC Housing for All programme.  Laurel Hill Gardens, Coleraine  is a designated shared neighbourhood under the Housing for All Programme.  Funding is provided to develop and deliver a good relations plan for Laurel Hill Gardens which must include bridging and bonding projects delivered to the shared community and between the surrounding communities. 

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