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Learning on the Beach

St. John’s Primary School & Killowen Primary School, Coleraine

The programme brought together young people from St. John’s and Killowen Primary Schools, Coleraine , helping the children to develop friendships, learn and have fun.  It ran during September and October 2019.  The first 2 sessions were held in Good Relations week to celebrate the relationship between the 2 schools.

The programme saw the facilitation of 7 three hour shared educational beach visits, one for each year group on Portstewart Strand.    Every pupil from both schools was involved; A total of 363 pupils.  The facilitator was  Fred Corscadden, North West Orienteering Club Schools’ Coach.  

Each session focused on an area of the curriculum linked to the World Around Us which is age appropriate.  For example workshop sessions included mapping, orientation, scale and distance, learning about the tides.

The outdoor sessions also included a short litter pick.  The programme aimed to foster responsibility for the environment with the young people.   Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful kindly loaned a range of clean-up equipment including; litter pickers, hi-vis vests, gloves and bags.

The programme was funded through the Radius Coleraine T:BUC good relations plan.  Radius has a shared housing development in Laurel Hill Gardens, Coleraine.  The plan for Laurel Hill Gardens includes ‘bridging’ events with the wider community which encourage a range of outcomes including shared education.



This has made a real difference to the pupils of our schools – many of whom do not get the opportunity to go to the beach or socialise with young people from the other side of the community.Fun scientific learning in a great outdoor environment – thank you Radius!

Helen McDonnell, Principle

St. John’s P/S & Arlene Moon, Principle, Killowen P/S

‘We are delighted to have supported this programme of shared learning with St. John’s and Killowen Primary Schools. It was important that each pupil got the opportunity to take part.This programme clearly reflects the wider benefits of living near a Shared Community.

Melanie Rintoul

Communities Officer, Radius

Portstewart Strand and dunes make a wonderful outdoor classroom for children to learn about their natural environment and have a bit of fun. And the view isn’t bad either. Such a pleasure to work with children from St. John’s and Killowen and see them use their thinking skills to solve problems.

Fred Corscadden

North West Orienteering Club Schools’ Coach

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