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Changes to the Universal Credit contingency fund and discretionary support

UC contingency fund

People who have recently made an application for UC (at the time of applying or very soon after/within 2 assessment periods) and who are in financial hardship (delayed claim, illness etc) should consider applying to the UC contingency fund.  Recent changes mean that financial assistance can be considered in the form of a grant without having to apply /receive an advance prior to application. 

Applications should be done via work coach or by Tel: 0800 587 2750.

Discretionary support

Discretionary support has also changed and in addition to Grants/Loans available for living expenses and essential items it will now include financial support beyond the normal circumstances and include a grant for those in financial hardship as a result of Covid 19.

Applications can be done via Tel 0800 587 2750 or online via:

Further information on the above can be found here:

Department of Communities: Covid-19 Update

If you are in a crisis situation you can apply for financial help by contacting the Finance support service on 0800 587 2750 (Freephone) or 0800 587 2751 (textphone for customers with hearing difficulties). 

 If claiming Universal Credit you can also apply for a Universal Credit Contingency Fund grant by contacting the Finance Support service and choosing option 2. 

 Arrangements have also been put in place to avoid anyone claiming Discretionary Support from having to call into their local office to claim. Tel: 0800 587 2750 (Freephone) or 0800 587 2751 (textphone for customers with hearing difficulties). 

Universal Credit Service Centre 

For enquiries about Universal Credit or support with your claim: 

Freephone:0880 012 1331
Textphone 0880 012 1441 

Opening Hours 

Monday - Fri: 8am - 6pm (excluding public holidays)