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A message from Fiona McAnespie, Director of Care and Support:


The Minister for Health issued new guidance for visiting in care homes.  

This new guidance comes into effect on Friday 7 May.


The number of visits will increase to 2 per week, with 2 relatives/friends for a maximum of 1 hour in the resident’s room

Children can visit, the responsibility for ensuring the child adheres to all Infection Prevention Control measures rests with the adult and any child is included in the total number of visitors allowed

Residents may resume trips out of the home but must follow the restrictions applicable to the general public. The trip out will be for a maximum of 2 hours. The resident will not be expected to self-isolate when they return, as long as they comply with the infection prevention control guidance and with the restrictions applicable to the general public.



There are no changes on how to arrange your visit, booking, pre visit screening, risk assessment and infection prevention control measures remain the same.

ou will no longer need to wear gloves but you will  be required to be bare from the elbow down; no watches, bracelets, rings, just your wedding band with strict adherence to hand washing.

We anticipate that Lateral Flow home testing will be available to relatives in the next few weeks, this will give another level of protection to our residents and staff. We will let you know when this is available and we will be more than happy to train you in the use of this simple self-testing kit.


We are all aware of the benefits of family and friends visiting their loved ones but there are also challenges that our homes face in safeguarding residents from infection. The restriction of visitors to our homes has been a key strategic component to managing the pandemic and it was introduced to protect residents, their families and staff by reducing the risk of infection.

Families and friends intending to visit must help ensure their loved ones remain safe by:

Staying at home if symptomatic

Arranging visits in advance and notifying the home of any changes

Face coverings – and any other necessary PPE, should be worn as appropriate

Engaging with the home – you are partners in care and should work together for the good of your loved one.

It is crucially important therefore, that all visitors make themselves aware of the restrictions which apply to the visiting of their loved one, and work with the Home Manager and staff to ensure you can safely engage in meaningful visiting, while ensuring that the risk to your loved one and others in the home is minimised as far as possible.


We look forward to moving safely, with your support, along the pathway to more normalised visiting.

Fiona McAnespie

Director of Care and Support