COVID-19: Find out what measures Radius Housing are taking in respect of our services and buildings so that we can reduce risks. Read more

Keeping you up-to-date during the COVID-19 situation

Message from John McLean, Chief Executive

Firstly I hope you, your families and friends are well and keeping safe. I want to update you on what we are doing collectively to support our residents through the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Please be advised that the safety of our residents, communities and staff remains our priority at all times. 

We continue to provide excellent care and support in all our Housing with Care schemes, carefully protecting our most vulnerable residents. To help protect our older residents and to comply with guidance on social distancing our new arrangements for sheltered housing include an onsite service supplemented by a daily befriending phone call or at the frequency a resident requires. We are working hard to keep our essential services running, whilst keeping everyone safe. Please bear with us, as this does mean that there are some changes to our services for the time being. We’ll keep you updated on how we're doing as the situation progresses. I would also encourage you to get in touch if you are worried about paying your rent. We have teams dedicated to helping you access the financial support you are entitled to and come up with a plan to manage rent payments. Best wishes John McLean

Resident wellbeing

Our priority is to provide support to those Radius residents who need it most, in the most effective way possible. Our Communities staff have access to a range of information to signpost you to relevant support networks including those that are helping to deliver essential food, supplies and medicine and coordinating local services. We are contacting those who are older and vulnerable and may need assistance during these challenging times. We’ve developed a COVID-19 Support section on our website at You can find information on all of these services, wellbeing resources, homeschooling tips and links to government updates. We know there is a lot of information being issued on a daily basis and we aim to help you find a way through this to get to what you need.

Please remember, If you need help or are concerned about a neighbour you can get in touch with us through our website by completing the online form in the COVID-19 Support ‘How can we help’ section or by contacting us on 0300 123 0888

Keeping you safe

We are maintaining our cleaning services as normal and are concentrating cleaning on high use areas, wiping down key touchpoints such as door handles, push plates, lift buttons and handrails. Even so, please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds whenever you enter your home. Please also work with us to help keep your home safe. Keep all fire exits clear, do not use BBQs on balconies and take care, not to overload plug sockets. If you have any concerns about fire safety then please call us.

Building safety

We are continuing with important building safety work as far as is possible. Any building safety work to the outside of your home will continue where possible, including compliance checks such as gas safety.

Paying your rent

We know that many people may be facing financial difficulties during this period. Our housing team and dedicated Welfare Advice Officers can provide you with 1-2-1 advice and guidance on how to manage this. We also have useful information on our COVID-19 support on the website This includes details on the benefits you may be entitled to, information on new government packages you may be eligible for, or creating money management plans. 

If you are worried about paying your rent please contact us by calling 0300 123 0888. Please get in touch with us as soon as you think you may have difficulties. 

We know that it is very likely that many people will need to access financial support from the government in these challenging times.

Our repairs service

We want to continue to offer a safe and effective repairs service, however, we also need to protect our residents and our staff by minimising nonessential contact and travel. This means we are providing a service that prioritises compliance, emergency repairs and urgent works of a health and safety nature. If you call to log a routine repair you will be asked to call back in a months time. 

Our staff and contractors will need to ask additional questions about whether anyone in your home is self-isolating. If this is the case, we will need to discuss this with you to make sure we can carry out the repair in a way that keeps you and your family safe, as well as the member of staff that visits your home. Please do not be offended by this, our staff and residents health is of paramount importance to us. 

Please bear with us, as inevitably, some essential repairs will take much longer to complete than in ordinary circumstances. We will of course continue to monitor the situation daily and make changes when we need to.

Protect yourself and your community

Everyone must stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Government advice is that you can only leave your home: 

  • to shop for basic essentials
  • to do one form of exercise a day
  • for any medical need
  • to travel to and from essential work.

We all have a role in helping to limit the spread of the virus. The most important thing is to follow the advice of the Public Health Agency and the NHS. 

Wash your hands more regularly and for longer. If you do have to go out, please keep to social distancing guidelines. This will help to keep our communities safe.